My dream project, if you’re scoring at home…

…is to write the screenplay and/or direct the adaptation of Lev Grossman‘s The Magicians. I must have read this book literally twenty times last year. I have never identified with a fictional character like I did with Quentin Coldwater- well, maybe Jay Gatsby. Quentin “really believes in magic,” which is true one way or another of every lead character in every one of my movies and scripts. And he gets hurt because of it, a lot, which is also true for my characters.

Anyway, they will probably do the movie soon and get someone who’s all famous and stuff. I wish I knew people at CAA and was in a position to lobby for this.

ps I should add here that I was always, always, always* a magic-user in D&D and to this day do not understand why anyone ever wanted to be any other class.

*and will be in the game my grown-up brother is starting with his kids

2 Replies to “My dream project, if you’re scoring at home…”

  1. I tried it, but died too many times starting out. I was always a thief. Too many Errol Flynn movies.

    I know how you feel on the dream project thing. When they made A Prayer For Owen Meany into Simon Birch I died a little inside. I don’t have high hopes for Captain America or Conan either.

  2. Yeah the “d4 hitpoints” thing is a bummer and you are useless except for a few lame magic missiles. But once you get to higher levels, you’re like, “I can conjure demons and shoot fireballs and travel to other planes of existence,” and the other guys are like, “I’m getting really good at stabbing shit.”

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