Two ideas inspired by HBO’s “Entourage”

There are yet more comedy sketches in the archive (and video of live performances), but I’m going to deviate from that at least partially and start creating new material.

I had two ideas in the last week, one of which I will be following through on a lot sooner than the other.

1) Entourage:2039

I was watching “Entourage” and I got to thinking about the “lifestyle porn” aspect of it. Vincent Chase has the life that everyone (allegedly) wants: he’s young, handsome, rich, famous, and gets every girl he wants without even trying. But all things must come to an end. I started to wonder where Vince and the gang would be in 30 years.

So, starting this coming Monday, I’m going to be posting chapters of an ongoing piece of what I guess you could call “fan fiction,” although I think by the end it will have strained that semi-genre close to or beyond the breaking point. At any rate, I’m only being semi-sarcastic when I say that cashing in someone else’s already popular idea is one of the best ways to get noticed yourself. So that’s what I’m doing.

2) Mis-Shapes

I’ve been sort of wanting to do a web series for a while now. I will update more on this later, as I am falling asleep now.