New Feature: The Treatment Project

[EDIT: This never actually happened. It was a good idea though. Maybe one day.]

I am going to add a new, once-monthly feature. I’ll post a treatment for a feature film, TV series, or something similar. I have more ideas than I will ever use, but I think it’ll be a good workout to get some of them on paper. They’ll be downloadable in PDF form, and everyone is free to read and pass around to their heart’s content.

The first one is coming sometime in October.

Mis-shapes – Web/tv series concept

I’ve always wanted to do a webseries, ever since I found out such a thing was doable back in the late ’90s. (It wasn’t really very doable back then, but people tried anyway.) Somewhere I still have a semi-script for a show called “Rockers,” written before I even knew what Final Draft or script format was.

This new idea was conceived as kind of a response to “Entourage.” On the show (which I watch and enjoy, or I wouldn’t spend so much time thinking about it), stardom and material success are the be-all end-all of Hollywood and moviemaking. Sometimes Vince is presented as a good actor, sometimes bad, but the overall impression is it doesn’t actually matter much. The show isn’t about his art, it’s about his life and his lifestyle.

Which is fine. But I’d like to tell stories about people with genuine artistic motivations: Writers, filmmakers, actors who more than anything want to write, make movies, and act. This isn’t meant to be some holier-than-thou thing – these people want success too. They’d drive a Ferrari just like Vince- if they weren’t busy valet parking his.

After I thought about this for a while I realized there was only one song that could possibly ever be the theme:

At some point I will probably write a formal treatment for this, but any feeedback or expression of interest is welcome.