New feature starting next Thurs.

[EDIT: While I still like this idea, this is on hold until I get some time.]

I’m just about done filling up this thing with old comedy sketches.

I was thinking today and I realized I took my first screenwriting class in 2001. My teacher told me it took “an average of 10 years” to “make it” and apparently he was right. Since then my focus has shifted a bit, away from writing and trying to sell specs, and towards writing, directing and producing my own movies.

I would never pretend to give an “insider scoop” or tell anyone how to “make it.” However I think I’ve accumulated some interesting stories in the last eight years and I might as well start telling them. This will be a limited time thing, maybe six months or so.  I think everything on a blog should have an expiration date. Frankly I’m hoping this is something I can do without a lot of revising and agonizing over every word, because I just don’t have the time or energy at this point. This will also be something to read for my non “industry” friends who don’t watch Entourage and probably don’t get why I have to use swear words and talk about sex and stuff.

Anyway, for now the schedule will be:

Monday: Entourage:2039
Thursday: Memoirs or whatever
Random times: Archival content (sketches, scripts, etc)

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