“Let It All Burn Down”

A music video, conceived and directed by yours truly.

(watch video on Vimeo)

“Let It All Burn Down” written and performed by The Nightbirds.
Starring Christina Aimerito and The Nightbirds.
Conceived and directed by: Ryan M. Moore.
Produced by: Ayanna Hart.
Director of Photography: Nathan Levine-Heaney.
Animation by: Mallory Whitelaw.

Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, honorable mention, music video category
Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, honorable mention, music video category

Southeast New England (SENE) Film and Music Festival
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
SF Shorts: San Francisco International Festival of Short Films
Zero Film festival (Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
Los Angeles Film and Script Festival
New York Los Angeles International Film Festival (screening upcoming)

“College,” feature film script.

A feature from a few years back. This is my over-the-top high concept take on an archetypal Spring Break comedy. I am confident this will never be produced, because no one would ever spend this much on a comedy.

At any rate, I present it here as a writing sample because, what the hell, right?

“College,” by Ryan M. Moore. (WGAw registered feature film)